September 2

Release 122.20140901 (Only R6300v1,WNDR4500v1/v2)

Lots of thanks for SZPunk‘s donation. His donation of WNDR4500 help me to finish this firmware.6

In case that Shibby do not publish ARM source code, I have to prepare to develop K26ARM by myself.  Thanks SZPunk again for his donation of router WZR-600DHP2.  It’s really timely help.

  • Openssl Update to 1.0.1i,fix many security issues;
  • lzo update to 2.0.8
  • Support Netgear R6300v1, WNDR4500v1, WNDR4500v2
  • Fixed:

– All vlans fixed.
– R6300v1: Wireless button works, power light works, 2.4G/5G lights works, USB lights works
– WNDR4500v1/v2: Wireless button works, Logo lights works, power light works, 2.4G/5G light works

  • Known BUGs:

– R6300v1: USB light and Internet light not work
– WNDR4500v1/v2: WAN light and LAN lights not work


Pls. upgrade directly from original factory WEB GUI.
Press RESET button to reboot after finished upgrade.
Then select 5G band, save then reboot again. Tomato24 and Tomato50 will occure.