August 26

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server environment for cross compiling Tomato

Environment for cross compiling Tomato
bwq518, 28 July 2014
Ubuntu 12.04 64bit Server (LTS)

Must install using toolkit ‘apt-get install’:

  • ia32-libs ( ctools needed )
  • g++
  • make
  • automake-1.10
  • automake-1.13
  • automake-1.14
  • autoconf2.63 or above
  • libtool
  • pkg-config
  • bison (not bison++)
  • libncurses5-dev
  • libncurses5
  • ncurses-term (mysql needs terminfo of libncurses)
  • flex (iproute2 needed)
  • texinfo (includes makeinfo used by gmp)
  • perl
  • gperf (libid3tag used, see
  • python 2.7.3
  • Cython 0.15.1
  • yodl (used by socat)
  • docutils-common 0.10+ (used by aria2)
  • python-docutils (used by rst2html)
  • sphinxbase-utils sphinx-common python-sphinx (program sphinx-buils will be used by aria2)


  • openssh-server ( for remote login )
  • php5 (will install apache2)
  • php5-dev



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August 26

Released version 121.20140808

  • [2014.8.15]  Fix for WNDR3400/3400v2/3700v3/4000, now can support these models perfectly.tux1
  • [20148.12]  Fix 2.4G band selection issue for AC models. Lacking of menu items for Xunlei program at RT models has been fixed too.  It’s strongly suggested that you shuld re-flash RT firmware through web GUI.
  • Integrated Xunlei remote and GUI. cpulimit is used to avoid CPU overload.
  • Integrated PHP5.5. Most of modules have beed compiled to php-cgi. discuz 7.x, emlog, wordpress and phpwind can run with this version without problem and achieve good performance.
  • Integrated MySQL 5.1 and setup GUI.
  • Integrated admin toolkit of MySQL Amysql.
  •   Notes: pls. store data and temp file under U disk, not under JFFS or NAND.  It is very important. And U disk must be formted as ext3 file system.
  • Update aria2c to 1.18.7
  • Update WallProxy to 2.2.4
  • Support new model Phicom FWR706.
  • A 32M firmware provided, include all of modules.
  • You can upgrade tomato through web GUI. NOT need to clean nvram after upgrade.
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