August 26


Generally, when a new version is released, a set of firmwares will be published and stored in internet disk or FTP server. I believe most of users can find a suitable firmware to fit his router. However, there is still very few people hope to get a specified modules according to his business or home requirement. For these special users, I am afraid that I can not meet their requirements since they are so out of the common. I hope they can low down their requirement to find a released firmware anyway.

Certainly, if they insist on their special requirement, I can re-build a special firmware for them after they could donate my additional effort. This is original reason to setup this ‘customization’ web page.

Your donation will be strongly appreciated.

If donated through alipay, pls. scan the following barcode image.


After you donated, pls. send me a EMail:

Click this to open the customization page to select your prefer functions.

Customize Yourself Firmware