August 26


When you have a router and plan to flash the 3rd party’s firmware, what help do you need ?  I am sure the following steps you should clarify and confirm.

  1. Find the model name at back of router. Search it with google or baidu to confirm which CPU it uses. If its CPU is broadcom, congratulations!  It is possible to flash Tomato.
  2. Continue to search how many KB of NVRAM and how many MB of RAM memory at google or baidu. Usually, pls. enter the following key words at search box, like as Netgear R6300 wiki,  R6300 CPU, R6300 NVRAM, etc…
  3. Now you have confirmed CPU models, NVRAM size and RAM size, e.g. BCM4706, 64K NVRAM and 64M RAM.  You can select a suitable firmware from download site.
  4. Be sure to use guideline for selecting firmware and other usefule documents.  Any question, feel free to ask your friend.
  5. Prepare a network line linking your PC/LAPTOP to your router.  Setup IP / netmask address.  Follow steps to flash Tomato into your router.
  6. If everything is OK, you should press the RESET button no less than 15 seconds to clean all of NVRAM.



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